Good Moooorning….Alexa?

Whoever had problems understanding the Joke, go watch this movie. There’s even a Trailer. Go there I said. Now.

For the rest of us: Here comes the actual Article.

Yes, Alexa at times can be a very useful tool. I had to start doing some SEO and didn’t really know which keywords to go for.  So, I picked a competitor and checked what keywords and search phrases his visitors are using. Here they are:

High impact search queries according to Alexa describing a competitor site.
Well it’s really…

1 traffic exchange High
2 manual traffic exchange High
3 traffic exchanges High
4 manual traffic exchanges High
5 top traffic exchanges Medium
6 free traffic Medium
7 free traffic exchange Medium

That means that those keywords together (not really but assume for now) result in the traffic coming from search engines. How much of the traffic that produces can be found out too, after all if it is worth pursuing can only be determined by numbers. Let’s ask about that at again…

% of Unique Visits Percent of visits to (uniqued daily by user) preceded by a visit to the upstream site. Upstream Site

That means, that 5.67% from Google and 2.51% from Yahoo are together 8.18% of his traffic is organic search traffic. Not bad… So if we could position ourselves with these keywords, we would get some of this targeted traffic. Well…. How much exactly we still don’t know.

Yep, you guessed it. Lets ask whom? Alexa.Well sadly, that’s where the buck stops, I haven’t found a way to get somewhat precise values in when it comes to pageviews. Others haven’t gotten to far either.

We could believe Tim Lindens weekly Stats (722911) on his Or maybe we could use Sitetrail who might just as well be using Alexa Data. According to SiteTrail, that would be 368763 pageviews per day for startexchange.

Since we know it is 8.18% organic traffic, we end up with ~30164 pageviews/day for those keywords listed above.

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Increase Website Traffic

It has been a while since the last post. Our regular visitors and especially our Members have notice the progress. While our Traffic Exchange is still not finished, our Members are already seeing results. Good. That’s what we wanted in the first place. Increase the Traffic to your website and deliver the results you have been looking for. However, we can’t help you if you are stupid. Well, actually we can but don’t want to. If you are stupid… Stay away;)

Not being stupid, means you are asking questions. It means that you LISTEN to what the elders have to say.  You have heard this before from your parents, from mentors and such. Not necessarily in the same context, but the internet is not so different from the real world as you might think.

You want increase your website’s business with real traffic, real visitors, then start to apply real world rules. Which ones? Let me elaborate on a few rules, although its really only common sense.

Use a splash page or squeeze page.
When you promote your website in a traffic exchange, do not use the homepage or index page of your site. Traffic Exchanges show your page between 15 and 10 seconds. Sites like Alexa and Google consider that to be a bounced visitor. That will affect your search engine listing. Those search engines think that your content is not relevant to your visitors and therefore your site will be ranked worse than it could be.

Make others do the work for you.
It is very time consuming surf a couple hundred pages to get some visiors in exchange for it. We have a few members that surf between 10 and 20 pages per day and still accumulate 2500 Traffic credits per day. Wondering how they do it? They use our GoodVibeTraffic Splash Pages and attract others to surf at the Good Vibe Traffic Exchange. On top of all the credits they accumulate, we give you a percentage bonus. Some of the elder members collect 50 credits per referral per day. Not too shabby. Considering that you earn traffic credits 5 levels down, you get a huge amount of free website traffic credits in next to no time. This allows you to focus on what is important; Your Website.

Be there for your visitors, all the time.
If you open a store in town, and a person enters the store, What do you do? Nothing? Ignore the person? Obviously not. You will greet the person as friendly as appropriate and you will go out of your way to help that store visitor to find the products he or she is looking for. Correct? Sooo, why woudn’t you do that for your online presence. If you make the visitors know, that a real person is behind this online store that will go out of his/her way to make their stay as pleasant as possible,  they will tell their friends and family about the site that they have been to where they have been treated so nice. YOU are your websites best promotion. Be you and be there for your customers all the time.

Well, I have been ranting about those things that are really common sense but I see that a lot of webmasters seem to forget that. They think that the Internet is somewhat of a miraculous realm where one must only build a couple of flashy pages and the people will pour in. That is not so. It’s part of the real world, filled with real people. You have a passive communication medium called website. That’s what it is . Start  (or continue if you are already a member) to build a team of surfers(called referrals) and stick with us, We will go out of our way to make sure that YOU find what you want. We will help YOU to become successful in this miraculous realm  called Internet. Are you ready?

Yes I am NOT a native English speaker. Mistakes in Syntax and Semantic might happen and I am glad for people that comment on them. I will gladly fix them.

Yours truly …


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