Good Moooorning….Alexa?

Whoever had problems understanding the Joke, go watch this movie. There’s even a Trailer. Go there I said. Now.

For the rest of us: Here comes the actual Article.

Yes, Alexa at times can be a very useful tool. I had to start doing some SEO and didn’t really know which keywords to go for.  So, I picked a competitor and checked what keywords and search phrases his visitors are using. Here they are:

High impact search queries according to Alexa describing a competitor site.
Well it’s really…

1 traffic exchange High
2 manual traffic exchange High
3 traffic exchanges High
4 manual traffic exchanges High
5 top traffic exchanges Medium
6 free traffic Medium
7 free traffic exchange Medium

That means that those keywords together (not really but assume for now) result in the traffic coming from search engines. How much of the traffic that produces can be found out too, after all if it is worth pursuing can only be determined by numbers. Let’s ask about that at again…

% of Unique Visits Percent of visits to (uniqued daily by user) preceded by a visit to the upstream site. Upstream Site

That means, that 5.67% from Google and 2.51% from Yahoo are together 8.18% of his traffic is organic search traffic. Not bad… So if we could position ourselves with these keywords, we would get some of this targeted traffic. Well…. How much exactly we still don’t know.

Yep, you guessed it. Lets ask whom? Alexa.Well sadly, that’s where the buck stops, I haven’t found a way to get somewhat precise values in when it comes to pageviews. Others haven’t gotten to far either.

We could believe Tim Lindens weekly Stats (722911) on his Or maybe we could use Sitetrail who might just as well be using Alexa Data. According to SiteTrail, that would be 368763 pageviews per day for startexchange.

Since we know it is 8.18% organic traffic, we end up with ~30164 pageviews/day for those keywords listed above.

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12 Responses to Good Moooorning….Alexa?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The most entertaining article since you started blogging ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    What manual traffic exchange would transform into ? In your hand pusher men ?

  3. Eryn says:

    Like the modern layout. I really enjoyed the information. Bless you for a brilliant entry.

    • admin says:

      Welcome back…

      Hope you are getting through with your seo efforts. Seems you are trying to increase traffic flowing to your website ;)

  4. Help support the awesome nation of Japan from the earthquake by performing a tiny donation!

    • admin says:

      I agree with our friend from Tbilisi , Georgia…
      I think a little bigger than tiny would help too.

  5. Joe Henning says:

    Hi Albi,

    Thanks for a great entry. You have a question about pageviews… I found an easy to use monitoring service at dropday (then click on Check-Traffic-Rank). I specifically tested my stats at my Travel Info Site and it came very close.

    Keep up the good work.


    • admin says:

      Hey Joe,
      it is in fact interesting how traffic metering services come up with their results. I can tell you as much as they are definitely wrong about our most favorite Traffic Exchange In general, I have have found a lot of sites using the Alexa API as their sole source of information. It is an interpolation and for instance in my case by the factor x8 wrong. Dunno how they claim to be the traffic guru, but it’s a start to put metrics on things. Metrics are healthy. You learn to make decisions that are founded in numbers and not in some dreams, you ultimately have to succeed.

      Law of nature… or something. Call it the golden rule…

      Aaaam…. Before I depart again. I corrected your post with regards of its implications on Last Minute Travel Informations . You know, if they can’t even get MY NUMBERS right, how would I wanna trust them for other numbers.

  6. kg41mLQ says:

    I want to post quick hello and want to say appreciate for this good article.

  7. admin says:


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